New Contract Awarded

The Kenific Group Inc. (KGI), is proud to announce our contract award to provide program management and engineering support services to the USCG Director of Acquisition Programs/Program Executive Officer (PEO), COMDT CG-93, the Assistant Program Executive Officers (APEOs) for Aviation Programs (CG-931) and Surface Programs (CG-932), as well as individual surface programs: In-Service Vessel Sustainment Program (CG-9323), Fast Response Cutter (FRC) Program (CG-9324), Boats Program (CG-9325), Major Acquisition System Infrastructure (MASI) Program, Polar Sea Service Life Extension Program (SLEP), and WECC Inland Buoy Tender. This contract provides the full compliment of programmatic, acquisition, budgeting, engineering, and logistics services to surface, aviation, and civil infrastructure acquisition program offices.